Settepani meaning Seven Breads is our business, our passion, our reputation and our destiny! Welcome! Settepani Harlem, Est. 2000, is an Italian/Mediterranean


Row House

The Row House name is a nod to the beautiful architecture that Harlem is so famous for. Our white wood and glass

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Lady Lexis Sweets

Lady Lexis Sweets has all of your favorites... Nutty Nut Brittle, Rugelachs, Sweet Potato Loaf, Carrot Cake, Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies and

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Harlem Tavern

Harlem Tavern is New York City’s premiere restaurant and beer garden. An uptown neighborhood bar and grill, Harlem Tavern is located on

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Harlem Shake

Always reflecting Harlem’s culture and energy, Harlem Shake is the go-to spot for familiar eats like griddled burgers, New York hot dogs

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Harlem Food Bar

Comfort food & cocktail options in a petite bistro featuring a contemporary vibe & outdoor seating. Harlem Pride Member Offers Please call

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Cheri Harlem

"I am pleased to welcome you to my home! Experience a unique French private dinner based on the concept of "Table d'hôte".

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Alibi Lounge

Alibi Lounge is the chic and elegant place uptown, where the cosmopolitan crowd of Harlem mingles, drinks champagne and enjoys the sophistication

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BLVD Bistro

BLVD Bistro is a Southern-inspired culinary labor of love brought to you by Chef Carlos. Now open for Dinner and Brunch, Tues

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