Our theme for our Virtual Harlem Pride 2021 is STRONGER WITH PRIDE!
Our community continues to be resilient as we’ve had to press through our usual challenges along with those brought on by COVID-19, .  However, as a community, we’ve shown that our lives matter, that we can be civically engaged and be a catalyst for change in our government, and that through it all, we a Stronger With Pride.  As we move into our second virtual pride, Harlem Pride is happy to bring you enriching, engaging, and entertaining program as we celebrate life, love, and PRIDE!

Sponsorship Information and Registration
Lost Loved Ones Memorial Registration

Virtual Harlem Pride 2021 Events

Virtual Harlem Pride 2021 Celebration Event
Saturday, June 26th 6PM-8PM

Our signature event featuring celebrity and guest appearances, performing artists, comedians, and greetings
from community leaders, health practitioners and elected officials.

Harlem Pride Virtual Film Festival
2 Fridays in June
(exact dates to be determined)

Presentation of films featuring  SGL/LGBTQ filmmakers, directors, producers, and/or actors, with post-screening discussions when available.

Harlem Pride Get Moving Virtual Fitness Challenge
June 1st – 18th 

To promote fitness as part of our Mental and Physical Health and Wellness programming,  we will ask participants to complete, track and report walks/runs/cycling and other fitness activities during June.  Each participant will receive awards, logo swag items and associated perks.

Lost Loved Ones Virtual Memorial
(Throughout June) 

Over the past year or so, many of us have lost loved ones to COVID-19, transphobic and homophobic violence,
as well as other causes and this is a time when we can memorialize them and honor their lives.

Harlem Pride Virtual Community Hub
(Web-based community engagement platform -updated for 2021) 

Once again, our Harlem Pride 2021 Celebration Day will be virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to maintain this community engagement activity online and via our virtual Community Hub. This hub provides vital up-to-date information about COVID-19 and other community concerns from vetted sources to aid our constituents who largely come from marginalized communities and are being affected more than any other demographic.